Safe Routes

Understanding that children cannot thrive if they do not feel safe in the places they live, walk, and attend school, a second layer of protection is to increase actual and perceived safety of children through Safe Routes to School.

The 2014 Motor City Parcel Mapping Survey indicates there are 27,485 structures throughout the City with an open point-of-entry, such as a broken or missing window or unsecured door. Of these structures, surveyors believe 93% are unoccupied.

Studies show that vacant structures are the strongest predictor of assault risk when compared to nearly a dozen other risk indicators (Branas et al., 2012). Mitigating structural blight, as well as the presence of caring adults positioned along pathways to and from school.

AMUS members conduct walking and bus route observations and survey parents, school staff and students. They identify public safety hazards along these routes, such as open, abandoned buildings and non-working street lights.

Once these surveys complete, members take steps to remedy them by partnering with community members to create block clubs and patrols and mobilizing volunteers to board up vacant and open structures, mark safe routes with metal signs clamped to telephone poles Crosswalks are painted with reflective striping and stenciled yellow footprints.

Contact us to find out more about safe routes, or find out how to start one in your community.