Home Safety Assessments

Home Safety Assessments (HSAs) are one of the main tools the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project (AMUS) uses to help secure homes and property of block club members. The assessments are conducted during a visit to the resident’s home by a trained AMUS member. A short survey tool is used to evaluate the safety of the home and to provide cost effective recommendations to protect against home invasion and to deter automobile related crimes. All residents participating in HSAs receive a pack of long lasting CFL light bulbs to help increase lighting around their home; they also have a choice between a Masterlock door bar or a two-pack of window/door alarms, as well as the option of having a new deadbolt lock installed on an entrance door. Home Safety Assessments (HSAs) are available for block club members that reside in target areas that AMUS covers. Contact AMUS today to see if you qualify. 

We’ll help you identify potential risks in and around your home and provide you with resources to help improve your safety and security.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment at amusprogram@gmail.com

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