AmeriCorps Urban Safety Domestic Violence Advocate Project mission is to increase access to protective and supportive services for survivors of domestic violence in and around the city of Detroit.
We believe that all individuals regardless of gender identification, age, and sexual orientation, have the right to live without fear of abuse and violence. Operating from a place of empowerment and client self-determination, we endeavor to maintain the dignity and worth of each client by respecting their confidentiality and procuring informed consent. We serve survivors of intimate partner violence to aid them on their path to a violence free life. We work to create greater access to resources and knowledge. As advocates, we educate the community about the dynamics of intimate partner violence. We believe that domestic violence is unacceptable, and there is help available on the journey from victim to survivor.
What We Do
The ultimate goal of the advocacy program is to reduce domestic violence in the Metro Detroit area, particularly aggravated assault, by increasing the use of personal protection orders (PPOs). Each of our highly trained advocates work closely with police officers and domestic violence survivors to help increase safety and empower survivors.  Advocates are stationed in police precincts to make the PPO process as safe and convenient as possible.  Advocates perform five primary functions for survivors of domestic violence: share information about rights, options, and the dynamics of domestic violence relationships, develop personalized safety plans, file petitions for PPOs, increase access to criminal justice and social service resources, and assist in the navigation of the police complaint process.