Block Clubs and Community Patrol

Block Clubs are all about positive change, block by block. When you know your neighbors, you care more about them. When you care more about your neighbors, you are more willing to help them. Relationships develop, and we begin to form a real community. Developing a sense of community with others on our block will allow us to share information and ideas. When we are all united for a common cause- the betterment of the neighborhood where we live, work, and raise our families- we can accomplish great things.

And it’s not all about hard work and getting things done- although that is indeed part of it. As we get to know one another, we can plan events for the block that everyone can enjoy. Building community is not just planting flowers, passing around petitions, and cleaning up litter- it’s sharing meals, laughter, and enjoying each other’s company.

Why join a block club?

  • There is strength in numbers;
  • To socialize and build relationships with your neighbors;
  • To collectively address crime and safety issues;
  • To stay informed about community events;
  • To meet with city and police officials;
  • Write grants that improve the neighborhood;
  • Plan neighborhood events;
  • Find out about volunteer opportunities;
  • Develop leadership skills and get training;
  • Create a telephone tree or GroupMe text group to better communicate.

Ready to start or join a block club?

If you think you are ready to start or join a block club on your block the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project has resources to make sure your block club is a success for residents in our target areas. If you are not in one of our target areas we may be able to connect you with resources in your neighborhood.

Please contact us at

Members will work with neighborhood resident groups to lead and / or assist in community organizing:
Recruit community members on two levels: block (block clubs by streets) and neighborhood (community patrols by area).

Recruit tenants in high rise / apartment buildings to form “tenant organizations” as parallel to single home block club groups.

Work with residents, neighborhood organizations and businesses in targeted areas to establish community safety collaboratives (CSCs) as a forum for public safety initiatives, including the COMPSTAT process

Recruit neighborhood volunteers to lead and administer ongoing safety initiatives, including Block Clubs and Community Patrols for sustainability