Our Mission

The AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project at Wayne State University’s Center for Urban Studies works to promote safety and community in Detroit. 

We help create new block clubs and foster established organizations to help increase neighborhood community!

How We Do It

We are designed to build a culture of neighborly communication and responsibility in the city of Detroit. In order to reduce crime in the area, we are working with local residents to create block clubs, a forum for residents to connect and create neighborhood safety strategies. 

This initiative provides the spark for a network of residents that will continue their crime-fighting efforts well after the program has moved on. We work to improve levels of neighborhood guardianship while reducing victim attractiveness and susceptibility.

In the Community

You can see us in your neighborhood taking surveys, advocating for victims and survivors of domestic violence, talking to residents, boarding up houses, organizing and atteding community meetings, and distributing flyers. Below are the three strategies we help facilitate community and individual safety.

Neighborly Love

We strive to improve levels of neighborhood guardianship through activities such as promoting formation of block clubs & patrols.

Target Hardening

We help decrease victim attractiveness and susceptibility through educational safety tips, community events, and leafletting with safety tips.

Tech and Safety

We assist in using technology for crime mapping and analysis as well as with pairing neighborhood police with citizens and community organizations.

“We hope for better things…
It shall arise from the ashes”

Father Gabriel Richard, 1805