Our Goal
Our Goal
Creating lasting change in community safety through corporate, non-profit, municipal and citizen involvement.
Our Strategies
Our Strategies
AmUS is about increasing safety across the city through community engagement and in creating networks of support for Detroiters.
We get things done.


The AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project (AMUS) at Wayne State University’s Center for Urban Studies works to promote safety and community in Detroit. We help create new block clubs, assist victims of domestic violence, increase youth engagement to learn skills as well as decrease violence, and foster established organizations to help increase neighborhood community!

AMUS is designed to build a culture of neighborly communication and responsibility in Detroit. In order to reduce crime in the area, we work with local residents to create block clubs, as well as forums for residents to connect and create neighborhood safety strategies. This initiative provides the spark for a network of residents that will continue their crime-fighting efforts well after the program has moved on. We assist with neighborhood guardianship while reducing victim attractiveness and susceptibility.

Our Achievements

completed HSAs
Victims contacted
% crime reduction
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  • Address: 5700 Cass Ave
  • Phone: (313) 444-9508
  • Email: amusprogram@gmail.com
  • Website: amusdetroit.org